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RITTRSHAUS is a sweater brand.

But it’s not about fashion…

It’s about becoming aware of your attitude and what choices you make on a day to day basis. Asking yourself if this is how or who you want to be? 

Realising that what you stand for and how everything you do, say, buy, eat or avoid, has an impact. And that it reflects your mind, your character, your soul and your heart.

It’s about sustainability in the broadest sense. Experiencing your own ‘response-ability’. Making a positive difference, for yourself as well as for your surroundings.

RITTRSHAUS is about inspiring you to become more aware of the fact that you always have a choice!

I am Heleen Rittershaus and in 2012 I made a choice to resign from my job as a flight attendant. Before that job, I had spent 4 years at Art School and I felt the urge to re-invent myself and to tap into my creativity again.

During those 17 years of circling the globe, I had come to realize how the Flight Safety instructions and expressions used in aviation, are all so very applicable in daily life.

Out of their original context, printed on a sweater, for instance, they become a note to self or a so-called ‘knot in your handkerchief’. A playful way to stay aware of your mindset.


And so RITTRSHAUS was (air) born!

Flight Safety became Life Safety.

Who said humor and philosophical depth of mind can’t go hand in hand? 😉


I am honored to be able to sponsor this 4th edition of Pause Pop-Up.

Their “Slow down to hurry up” slogan really struck a chord and being able to collaborate and spread the same message like this is such a pleasure.The T-shirts the team is wearing will hopefully contribute to raising consumer awareness on the impact that our

The T-shirts the team is wearing will hopefully contribute to raising consumer awareness on the impact that our behavior is making on our planet.

Needless to say, RITTRSHAUS does the utmost to ensure a sustainable product. Besides the actual production process of the sweaters, they are also handprinted locally in Amsterdam, with water-based ink.

What if we all just Mind our Step in life, Cross Check our thoughts and choices, First Help, to understand, ourselves so that we can, in turn, help others, Open up the Doors to our minds and new possibilities, Brace for the (positive) Impact and new opportunities that it all might just have…!?

It’s up to you really. Chicken or Pasta?


Oh, and don’t forget to Breathe Normally in the process… 😉

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