Heleen Rittershaus is building a brand that creates products with fun messages that make a positive difference in your daily life.

The messages are all Flight Safety instructions (or flight-related expressions). They now become so called ‘Life Safety’ instructions, to be used as ‘note to self’ in your daily life instead of just in the aircraft.

Her motivation is to inspire and to realise that you always have a choice. And that you can stay aware of your mindset in a playful way. Is her passion to integrate a helpful, fun and sustainable way of thinking and looking at things, into your daily life.

Heleen thinks sustainability is the essence of caring. Caring about yourself and anything or anyone around you. Sustainability is not just about fashion, it is about relationships in general. She also means the relationship you have with (your) life.

In 2012, Heleen quit her job as a stewardess with KLM because she felt the urge to re-invent herself. To dig into herself a little deeper and to tap into her creativity again.  

The journey of life (literally and figuratively speaking), is her inspiration.

” I have respect for anyone who is able to be successful in business and brave enough to make a difference while doing so”.

Heleen wants to build a community that is actively involved in sharing their stories about how and why they use RITTRSHAUS products and the ‘Life Safety’ instructions. So that they can create more freedom of mind and enjoy the fun and success it brings to the journey 🙂

T-shirts & sweat shirts are a fun and effective way to communicate the RITTRSHAUS concept. But as Heleen is not just about clothing, will also be including bags (shoppers) made from recycled material, and other products that she will share in soon.

” Generally speaking, I try to make a positive contribution by continuously being aware of my values and norms, which choices I make and why. In my opinion, NOT being sustainable is expensive! People see it as expensive because they are used to ‘fast & cheap fashion’. At the same time, they are spending huge amounts of money on all sorts of things that supposedly buy them happiness. I hope that one day it will be mainstream to have a sustainable mindset”.

“Don’t go shopping”, is her advice to help too many people buy more conscious. Seriously, it helps her to not be tempted by all the shop windows.

“I’m a sucker for anything beautiful too but I know that I already have enough. And I ask myself if I really ‘need ‘ the item and if so, I try to find a sustainable brand or shop. Also swapping clothes with friends works great and is fun!”

The world can feel so overwhelming and complicated nowadays. Breaking it down into simple steps, as ‘Life Safety’ does, can help to put things in perspective and create clarity.

” I really hope that unfair wear and over consumption as we know it now will be history by then”.


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Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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