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Inspired by the everyday world, emerging photographer Samanta Marques reveals the sources of her creative approach, where fashion, sustainability and photography merge in a powerful ensemble.
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Samanta Marques born and raised in a sunny Portuguese village and currently living and working in Amsterdam as a freelance photographer.
What’s your passion? 
My passion is photography and converting a message and emotions into a single picture. My portfolio consists of both portraits and landscapes. I really love to travel around the world and I try to combine my camera work with my passion for travelling.
How are you related to fashion? 
Well, this is probably the most difficult question for me here. I try to be related to fashion somehow, but I am good at it? Comes and goes. I believe that what I truly love about fashion is that it doesn’t matter where you live, your wealth or the amount of clothes that you have you will always be able to see something different in someone that will give you some sort of future idea that you can either incorporate into your own outfit or lifestyle.
Do you think sustainability is important? In which ways? 
I believe in sustainability and making our future the cause of our present. I believe awareness is the smallest contribution everyone can make for a sustainable future. Considering this I look at my native village in Portugal, it’s settled in a protective environment and is a blossoming town, especially in the summer. However, there are, for example, only a set amount of foundations where people are allowed to build. Ensuring that the future generations in that village will enjoy the nature as much as the generations of the past few centuries have.
What are your goals? 
My current goal is to expand my photography business and follow my dreams and aspirations. In a couple of decades I might settle down back in Portugal but for now, I’m enjoying the hectic dutch life.
Where do you work from?
In the tourism sector, I mostly work in the centre of Amsterdam. My photography work varies greatly consisting out of photoshoots at my home studio, outside natural background locations or abroad.
Describe how it would be the perfect workspace for you… 
As green as possible! The perfect workplace for me would be on a quiet place surrounded by all the sun natural light and full of plants around me. The sun on my face and the smell of leaves always helps to relax and concentrate.

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