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Some people decide to take control and start their own label because they simply couldn´t find what they are looking for. In their search for minimalistic and sustainable leather bags, they got lost. So, Aylin Kanginnadhi decided to start the label STRAW together with her husband Brozio Michael. They thrive by the less is more philosophy, minimal living, and the zero waste movement And let themselves get inspired by architecture and geometry.

All STRAW leather materials come from excess or deadstock export production. Every season, thousands of feet of leather go to waste. By using surplus material STRAW is lessening the environmental impact caused by the leather tannery process. All of the STRAW products are designed and manufactured in Bali.

STRAW began with the mission to produce beautiful and useful products while at the same time starting a conversation about lessening the industry’s impact on the environment. STRAW continually works with independent artisans and small scale manufacturer to create a system which can be sustainable in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.
´We want to continue the conversation and raise awareness about sustainable products and living a sustainable lifestyle. Take a look at what you already have, divide and find what you really love and suits you.’

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