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Tanja Christiani is a Berlin based fashion designer focussing on womenswear. She always wanted to create something with her hands that lasts and gives pleasure for a long time. She is really passionate about her work and enjoys being busy, but finds it really important to take some time off too, live in the moment to gain better focus on what she wants to achieve.

‘You live and learn and that’s what motivates me every day.’

She hasn’t even considered the idea of producing abroad for a higher profit. She only works with the best seamstresses in Berlin, who deserve to get paid for what they are worth.
‘You get what you pay for.’

Modern Architecture has always been a big inspiration for her. Usually she picks some buildings, traces them on transparent paper, deconstructs them and puts them on the body. She also admires Vivienne Westwood, not only for her work but also for speaking up and using her fame to address what is wrong in the world.

She is truly living the sustainable lifestyle and has been a vegan for 5 years now. She was a vegetarian for 13 years. She never understood the brutality and ignorance towards other living beings and towards nature. So she doesn’t use any leather, fur, silk or wool for her clothes.

‘Nowadays the possibilities are endless to avoid the exploitation of people and animals, we just need to educate ourselves.’

Society nowadays is all about faster, higher, more of everything in the shortest period of time possible. She thinks it’s great that people are ambitious. Pausing might seem hard when you have big goals you are working.

‘A conscious lifestyle means to slow down from time to time. Not only to be aware of what you already have but also to gain better focus on what you want to achieve.’

Living in the moment and not in the next season, helps her to stay calm and patient and to transfer this into her work.

Fashion is not only about style but about responsibility from both sides, the designer and the consumer. She hopes that consumers will learn to think twice before they shop and that they pay more attention to what happens behind the scenes of the fashion industry (and other industries, of course, especially the food industry). All of this is already under way, both designers and consumers know about the grievances, they question their choices and many do take action. She hopes for more appreciation for the process, the hard work and for the garment itself.

I think that supporting young designers instead of big companies is the way to go.’

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