P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE is a project based on adaptability, dynamism, inclusion, and collaboration. To celebrate sustainable fashion design, we curate a special selection of brands, designers, art exhibitions and performances to be all together in an outstanding venue for each edition.


From Europe to the US. The difference is ‘U’.

P A U S E Conscious Pop-Up Store #6 Edition

at THE CANVAS NYC – on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

We are looking for creators that prioritize quality, creativity, ethical design, and a strong personal vision. Our purpose is to connect with the soul behind the product, with dreams later than goals. Your brand will be displayed together with international designers framed in the philosophy of sustainability.

PAUSE is an invitation to take a moment and rethink the way we consume.

To hurry up to slow down.

Please sign the terms & conditions regarding being part of P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 EDITION in this document and send us your application form with your comments and the attachments required.


Terms and Conditions regarding your participation


    1. Fee • The selected brand must pay the full participation fee – 375 Euros + VAT – according to the invoice settings. Should the payment not be made in time, the participation will be cancelled.
    2. Contract period • The contract will last from the moment these terms are accepted until the day P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 ends. After that period, all products have to be taken and controlled by participants and the contract is complete, and hence all rights/obligations in the contract will lapse. In addition to the items mentioned in warranty and returns.
    3. Merchandise • 
a. Bring it yourself. Brands representatives should be at the P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 location to deliver and pick up the unsold items on time, under a previous agreement with us. • b. Send it by courier. Brands can deliver and pick up the merchandise by courier on time at the location we will have as P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 storage, under a previous agreement with us. All costs and risks involved in the delivery and pick up of the products are at the brand/designer own expense. The brand that chose this option will pay 50€ + VAT extra for the handling of the merchandise between the pop-up location and the storage. • c. The arrival and pick up of the merchandise on time is a responsibility of the participant brand, as well as any cost incurred such as customs duties, courier extra fees, etc. PAUSE POP-UP will not refund the participant in case the merchandise is not arriving on time. • d. P A U S E POP-UP is not responsible for any damage or loss of the merchandise during the shipments (delivery/pickup). We strongly recommend delivering and pick up the merchandise by paying insurance to the courier company. • e. We assume that no participant rather leave before P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 is over.
    4. Collection • Every brand collection to show at P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 will have a maximum of 20 items that we will help to curate for our event plus 10 pieces of stock for best sellers in different sizes and colours.
    5. Visual Merchandising • P A U S E POP-UP will present your products attractively to ensure that the total display arouses interest. Brands cannot change their designated place or disposal in P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6. Depending on the type of product we will contact the designer/brand/artist to ask for specific support material for display. In the location, we offer no space for banners and posters for advertising purposes. If you have flyers, stickers or business cards from your brand, they are more than welcome.
    6. Cancellation • Cancellation from the brand must be in writing (e­mail). Payment won’t be refunded if the participant communicates this 15 days before each event. Even though the cancellation is before that day, the participant will be refunded 50% of the payment.
    7. Sales. Payment • After the end of the P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6, you will get your sales status and payment. Please consider the percentage of 2,65% for the POS service. This percentage is going to be deducted from the sales price before we transfer the final payment.
    8. Shoplift and damage • Pause is responsible for the merchandise once it gets at the location agreed in perfect 
conditions and until the pickup on time. We will hire security for the days the products are at P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6. It would be much appreciated if you send us merchandise with insurance.
    9. Warranty and Returns • We want good quality stuff to be sold in our store, but some things can always go wrong. Legally we are obliged to take goods return if they are not good or do not meet 
expectations (only undamaged and in the original packaging).
 The purchase price will be refunded to the buyer within 7 days upon his / her account. If there is an item back, P A U S E POP-UP will report it to the participant. The article will be kept separate and the customer gets his / her money back deposited. We won’t give returns in the form of vouchers. 
If the item is returned after the P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 period, we will send the customer (directly) to the brand.


  • What can you expect from P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE? 

P A U S E POP-UP carefully selects their exhibitors, to participate is synonymous with quality and prestige for all. We offer uniques and outstanding venues, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to carry out the event. And we make a great effort in communication and PR, both online and online, aimed at attracting potential consumers.

  • Exhibition space in an outstanding venue.
  • We provide the presentation, communication, visual merchandising, commercial assistance and charge of the product by POS service.
  • We help facilitate attendance and presentation of your brand on social media, blogs, and press for the event.
  • Live editorial photo shooting, documentary photographs, and video.
  • Our sales team will show and sell your collection and explain your concept and story to the audience, in case you chose it.

What do we expect from the participants? 

  • Mention of your participation in own network and promotion across all channels as Facebook, 
Instagram, blog, personal website. Inviting friends and general audience to the P A U S E CONSCIOUS POP-UP STORE #6 Facebook event.
  • We expect to receive information and specific media material on time under a previous agreement with us. Depending on each brand, if needed, we will ask you to send specific material in advance.
  • Clear and well-secured prices on products. All products with a label tag, if not possible, by skipping card (securely attached). Only then we are able to provide a good overview of the market. Not priced items cannot be sold.
  • Fully completed digitally delivered product list for shop with all products, prices, codes, etc. 
P A U S E POP-UP will provide an excel form for this matter.

Participant has read and accepted P A U S E Terms & Conditions.