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Anna is a fashion advisor and a fashion stylist founder and owner of The Panachery, from the word “panache” = flamboyant confidence of style or manner.

She works with individual clients on their wardrobe needs, but also with fashion bloggers and lifestyle brands on their campaigns and photoshoots. With her background in the fashion industry, Anna understands the commercial component and always combine it with the creative vision to make sure brands (seeing bloggers as personal brands) gets their message delivered to their audience.

“When I work with individual clients, I help women and men to be the best version of themselves by teaching them how to organise and select the right clothing and accessories that fit not just their body but also their personality and lifestyle.”

Anna has two passions, actually. She cares about education and a sustainable approach to life. That is why teaching her clients how to make responsible choices when it comes to their wardrobe is an important element of her work. After all, if you took the time to learn what fits you, how to shop and what to avoid, how clothes are made you automatically contribute to less consumerism and you start supporting a responsible living. For example, you look differently at where you shop, at other sources of clothing and what you do with the items you no longer wear.

“Sustainability is not only about separating your garbage: it is a lifestyle and a way of thinking, consisting of various elements many people can pick up on.”

Anna has spent over 10 years working in the Fashion industry for some of the biggest brands in the Netherlands. She has seen the behind the scenes of major fashion houses and learnt their operations. This knowledge helps Anna in her everyday work as a stylist: ‘I understand the commercial drive of the businesses and at the same time being aware of the needs and confusions of their end consumer.’

‘My goal is to empower women. To make people happier. To bring beauty and style to the world. To contribute to a healthier planet.’

We are fans of The Panachery work! If you want to improve your wardrobe or some advice and recommendations contact Anna!

 They will help you be the best version of yourself by teaching you how to organise and select the right clothing and accessories that fit not just your body but also your personality and lifestyle.


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