We have to step into the world of fashion if we want to change something,” says Tina Princ, founder of Things I Miss

By August 17, 2017Designer

“At the beginning, I was trying to avoid the word ‘fashion’, but in the end, I realized we have to step into the world of fashion if we want to change something,” says Tina Princ, founder, and creator of Thingsimiss

 As fashion changes in the fashion game, despite the concentration on sustainability and zero-waste, Things I Miss also has a distinctive characteristic that Tina very much believes in and values. “Our values are, first of all, we set to have no collections. We create when we are inspired, we create editions. And, I hope we will involve and inspire other sustainable fashion brands that they will also have this mindset.”

She speaks of the conscious and recycling modular clothing concepts as the focus of their designs, in which designers and consumers can combine and form different outfits from existing pieces. “So, we are developing modular, long-lasting, multi-use, and layering concepts for our basis of design.”

Things I Miss aspiring to be the stimulus for audiences and public to open themselves up for their content. With creations and designs based on two faces – wild and sensible, Things I Miss open up senses from their audience and create excitement through a very deep, strong, positive and calm way.

Consciousness and sustainability are two inevitable daily norms for Tina and her family, friends, and team. It is a lifestyle they inhabit. “We are very sustainable-oriented people. For example, the seaside we are at, at the moment, we collect garbage. In every step, we are aware of sustainability and consciousness, so I just want to gently invite people to join this team.”

“Every bag has a story,” says Tina. For her, emerging into the sustainable fashion industry is not because of the current trend, it is the story behind her will and her beliefs. “Every piece should have its story and usefulness. They shouldn’t be just because of buying.”

With the rise in sustainable fashion trend, many brands are tackling this field. Tina realizes, “sustainable fashion is still very commercial, and brands have only maybe 10-20% sustainable standards, and the other parts of the percentage are still very old fashioned but so conscious. Sustainable brands still haven’t got enough sustainable mission; they don’t teach people to be more aware of consciousness.”


What would your inspirations be?

I was very closely connected with music, I was 20 years singing in a choir, like a vocal theatre. So we were developing everything from the mimic of the phase to the moving, the singing, the speaking, and everything. This is my world of inspirations. I’m connecting this world to my everyday life. And, my perception of clothing is our second-skin, the textile and the fabric have to hold you, so they have to be healthy material.

 And, what was the origin of your brand?

 The beginning, so from when I was 20 years old, I knew clothing could be something else, and from that point, I was connected with self-creation. I was really passionate to go into tailors and workshops. They created clothing based on my vision and my drawings.

Where did you get the name of your brand from?

 The name, Things I Miss, came from the idea of people used to say: ‘Tina, you see everything, you hear everything.’ So, I started to focus on what I don’t hear or don’t see, I create what I missed.




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