Jeanette Bruneau Rossow 33, founder of, Treches, was born in Norway and now lives in Berlin since 12 years. She has already been standing up for worker’s rights since she was very young, as a punk/activist. It is her motivation to inspire people and create fashion that has great impact. Jeanette is very aware of today’s society and you can definitely see that in her clothes. She doesn’t mind thinking about some revolutionary ideas about the future of fashion either.

‘ I’m a feminist and not a very feminine woman and therefore, I try to create alternative gendered fashion, which I like to call “non-binary self-expression.’

She likes to play with symbolism, colors, and contrasts. Jeanette creates contemporary fashion based in streetwear.

‘My clothes should be fun, so much so that specific gendering of the clothes are forgotten.’

Inspiring people to make choices and develop ways to create fashion that has a smaller or even positive impact on humanity and nature is her motivation. For example, she has recently experimented with sustainable ways to do machine-embroidery, and by being transparent in materials used and the design process.

‘There is no other long-term future for Earth’.

Jeanette has always been very aware of worker’s rights. She spent her late teenage years as a punk/activist standing up for them. In 2008 was the moment she called the tipping point. Jeanette was shocked by a documentary where she saw that the textile dying and the dye-chemicals are destroying the worker’s hands. From that moment she decided to invest in organic fabrics.

Jeanette also tries to eat and consume consciously, ethically and partake in local queer and feminist activism but she often gets completely caught up in her own work and forget everything else.

‘I feel the state of the world is very surreal right now and it definitely translates into my designs in that they are becoming more absurd.’

For the future, she dreams about complex, large knitting machines that will be able to knit complete clothing items in a similar fashion to 3D printing today but with natural yarn. Seams and surging will be redundant and designers can create elaborate structures in 3D modeling software for the customer to download and have knitted on their local knitting machine.

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