Handcrafted shoes that celebrate heritage: VINCENT EUROPE

Vincent, Europe develops limited editions and annual collections of timeless products, each with many years of life to them. Quality, comfort and the best of natural materials come together to create these stunning shoes produced locally in workshops in Alicante, Spain. Master shoemakers and craftsmen create these beautiful shoes for men and women, in small quantities. Trend triggers in terms of colour and print are integrated into the design process to create an end result that is chic and eternally classic at the same time. Produced locally and ethically, Vincent emphasizes the importance of slow fashion through the process.

Authentic craftsmanship and traditional methods of handicraft have become a dying art in today’s mechanised, industrialised world that pumps out cheap goods to cater to fast fashion’s endless cycle of trends. The human touch to fashion is truly inimitable and the revival of these systems is necessary for fashion to thrive and become ‘healthy’ again.

“Fast fashion is a polluting process and difficult to sustain for our planet for much longer, because it mainly brings with it the problem of low costs which end up being deposited in the workers of the workshops, causing an even greater social gap.”

First started 7 years back in Argentina, Vincent entered the European market in 2017 with the same ideals of promoting strong family values, respect, culture and tradition in the form of local production. Inspired by travel, art and culture, their shoes are a blend of European heritage and the cosmopolitan cultural essence of Buenos Aires.

“There is a phrase that says “If you want to know the colour of fashion, look at the rivers of China.” It is something that we do not have to approve as consumers or brands. We have the advantage of being immersed in the digital era, and this allows customers to get more information about brands. They request from companies more transparency, ethics and sustainability.

That’s why we decided to take care of our customer from the beginning, offering quality products, ethical, which are the treasure of the wardrobe. Our values are linked to the family, respect, and if we want to leave a better world for our children, we must be consistent with what we think, want and do.”

Vincent plans to soon open a brick-and-mortar store in Barcelona, slowly expanding to other European capitals, bringing their locally-made handcrafted shoes to a wider audience to enjoy.

Author Nayanika Bharadwaj

Designer, artist, illustrator and writer passionate about sustainable design and living. Recently graduated with a degree in fashion from NIFT, Mumbai. Currently living in Chennai, India

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