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A conscious life is a life that is carefully lived with an awareness and care for one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings. This includes people near and far, the environment, our consumption habits and even our travelling choices.

At home, we can be quite good regarding our sustainable practices. We have our go-to organic grocery shop; we use recognizable recycling bins for different types of waste; we choose to walk instead of going by car. While travelling, being sustainable can be more of a challenge. Being conscious is the key.

This is particularly true for those countries where the understanding of sustainable development is still in its infancy. It is OUR responsibility to choose to travel consciously, by doing a little research on OUR country of choice to reduce OUR environmental impact, benefit the local people and make OUR trip much more authentic.

Conscious travel is a mindfulness for the world and its people whom we encounter upon our travels. You do not need to go far away, just go somewhere different; sit down and chat with someone you do not know, ask questions that you have not asked before and listen. There are some many things you can learn and be inspired by. Travels are about getting a new point of view, then coming back, sharing it and having a different conversation with the ones you have had with people that you know.

Caleb and Linda are photographers and videographers who are passionate about travel, exploring the world in a responsible way and leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Originally from Argentina and the UK, they met in a hostel in Scotland during the summer of 2016 and decided to continue travelling the world together.

Despite the awe-inspiring natural wonders and the serene sense of beauty they encountered during their travels, Caleb and Linda were often struck by how polluted many of these places were. Exotic beaches littered with plastic and tropical jungles spoiled by noisy scooters. This led them to re-think their own lifestyle and filled them with a desire to inspire others to stop and think about the choices they make in order to change the way we treat our planet.

Driven by a shared love for wildlife and nature and a desire to contribute to protecting our planet, they created Bamboo & Backpacks – a media platform designed to inspire and encourage fellow explorers to travel in a more responsible and ethical way, as well as inspire the general public to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Traveling the world full time is a dream come true for us both. We may not have a tonne of money, we may not have the opportunity to see our families and friends every day, we may not even know where we’re going to sleep next week! But what we do have is a life of adventure, spontaneity and most importantly FUN! Taking each day as it comes means we can stay open to unexpected opportunities, leading us to amazing experiences”

Through Bamboo & Backpacks, Caleb and Linda collaborate with people, producers and brands who strive for an alternative way of living, from slow fashion to ethical foods, to products, made with natural materials and even low-emission transportation.

There are many ways to travel while making a positive impact on the planet. Whether through wellness and spirituality, natural and ethical products, eco or sustainable travel, travelling consciously will make a positive impact on the world and enrich the lives of everyone we meet along the way, one footprint at a time.

Take a moment to let your mind see clearly. After all, the earth is hat we all have in common.

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