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Browsing through VAN JOS Collection at PAUSE 4# edition, I bumped into this blazer with leather lapel made from stock lot fabrics. The harmonious contrast between the black woven fabric of the blazer and the grey leather of the lapel immediately stands out. Fashion, as a reflection of our society, creates energy through contrasts. The juxtaposition of different shapes, patterns and colours communicate values and ideas.

The Van Jos label is the story of a mother, Van Jos, and her daughter, Rosa van Ederen, who believe in the power of sustainable creativity.

“Jos had always loved fashion because it offered so many possibilities. She took her aunt’s hand-me-downs and made new things from them. She learned her trade from the nuns at the housekeeping school, but her style was too daring for her to fit in at an atelier”.

And how would Rose ignore her mother’s avalanche of ideas? She just couldn’t. And so Rosa set up Van Jos, alongside her work as a photographer.

The brand’s sustainable creations are the result of meticulous fabric sourcing and freedom of style, resulting in unique pieces which redefine the role of fashion in a sustainable society. The mission of Van Jos is to infuse into consumers the courage of questioning contemporary patterns of consumption through its distinguishing designs, fusing high levels of aesthetics with sustainability.

Contrasts are the striking characteristic of Van Jos label. They are everywhere, they belong to nature. They are important because the meaningful essence of anything is defined by its value, properties, or quality relative to something else. If you’re a designer, it’s important to understand the mechanisms by which things and ideas acquire meaning. And Van Jos seems to have this privilege.

The vision behind Van Jos label encourages consumers to wear, care and REWEAR. To Understand the value of clothes by questioning the fast fashion system which has shortened the lifecycle of products. Wear things more than 30 times, and cherish each piece. As Joan Crawford said, “Care for your clothes, like the good friends they are”.

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