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ZAZU Amsterdam is a conscious knitwear label for women. They want to make the world a better place by producing our garments with respect for people, animals and the environment. They believe that everyone deserves to wear clothes that make both the wearer and the maker proud. That is why they create knitwear with a truly good story behind it. Their designs, all made from the softest alpaca and merino wool, are knit by hand by Ecuadorian women. By knitting, they create a better life for themselves and their families.

Founder of ZAZU Amsterdam, Marieke, was unable to find sustainably produced clothes with a design that she liked. Then, during one of her trips to Ecuador, she found beautiful scarves of alpaca wool, at that time relatively unknown material in Europe. She got in touch with local knitters and noticed that she could really make a difference in the lives of these women by providing them with honestly paid work. The idea for ZAZU Amsterdam was born.

According to ZAZU Amsterdam, we have to take responsibility for the way we produce and consume if we want to keep the planet a beautiful place to live. Especially in the fashion industry, a sustainable way of producing (and consuming) can have a huge impact. By producing high quality clothes with a timeless design, ZAZU Amsterdam makes sure that their clothes are used for several years, generating less waste. Their production process is also as sustainable as possible. They use non-toxic dyes and only work with selected wool from well-treated animals.

All orders from ZAZU Amsterdam’s webstore are packed in re-usable packaging, cool yellow bags from Repack that be used 20 times. After use, the customer can return the package to Repack for free, in return for a discount voucher. In this way, we contribute to a waste-free world.

If people see with their own eyes how much effort our knitters put in their work, they would understand why a handmade garment is a bit more expensive then something machine made. You really buy something unique, a garment that tells the story of its maker.

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